We commit to the following principles that on the whole, constitute the totality of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We the CEO’s, Heads of Foundations and Managers of the Lopez CSR Family, gather in common purpose and express our alignment with universal principles and implore the aid of Almighty God to help us build a vibrant CSR community.

We shall conduct business and, in all ways, act in a manner that will result in mutual long-term social environment and economic benefits to the Lopez-Group and the various publics we serve. As responsible stewards of all of the resources entrusted to us, we will enhance their value, ever mindful of our obligations to present and future generations.

In the journey with our stakeholders toward a sustainable future, we will adhere to Lopez values of a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, business excellence, nationalism, team work. strong work ethic, integrity, social justice, and concern for employee welfare and wellness.

We believe that for maximum and sustained impact, CSR must be an integral part of the business models of our respective companies. We must continually explore innovative ways to integrate and deliver CSR Programs that are aligned to the strategic objectives of our various businesses. As Lopez citizens we will be open to change, but our commitment to Lopez values will not. We know from experience that it is by living according to these values that our companies can be built to last and continually benefit the societies they serve.

So help us God.

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