Quijano de Manila, Nick Joaquin’s nom de plume, made unparalleled contributions in the field of journalism early on as a proof reader, and later, as a writer, contributor and editor of numerous dailies, magazines and other publications. Within his long and fruitful career, Quijano’s brand of reportage and distinct mentorship are remembered by the multi-generational publics that interacted with the man and those who read his words.

What do I say to a giant is a nod to the indelible mark he left in Philippine Journalism and Literature. This exhibit strives to (re)introduce Quijano’s works in conversation with works of Marc Gaba and Teaching Exhibitions alongside tangents that will meaningfully engage present contexts. The exhibition is curated by Thea Garing.

What do I say to a giant is part of  Lopez Museum and Library’s program The Artist Turns a Century that commemorates the centennial of two brilliant minds in the field of arts and letters this year. One is Cesar Legaspi, National Artist for Visual Arts and the other, Nick Joaquin, National Artist for Literature.

The Given Order and What do I say to a Giant will run from 22 August – 29 November 2017 at the Lopez Museum and Library.

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