KNOWLEDGE Channel on January 28 activated the Knowledge Channel Emergency Education Programming (KCEEP) to allow teachers and students to catch up on their lessons by watching the channel’s curriculum-based programs.

KCEEP is part of the “EduKalidad sa Kalamidad” emergency education program.

Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. president and executive director Rina Lopez Bautista expressed the urgency of starting the program.

“Our country is so vulnerable to disasters that this has become the new norm. We believe it is our duty to ensure that kids continue to learn. The longer they are out of school because of these calamities, the less likely they are to return.”

Under KCEEP, lessons or episodes from two weeks ago will be aired on Tuesdays and Saturdays, while episodes from one week ago will be aired on Thursdays and Sundays. This scheme will allow students, teachers and parents affected by various calamities to continue learning through television.