Around 30 participants from the Parent Teacher Association and Yapak Women's Club members of the Yapak Elementary School, located in Morong, Rizal, recently attended a lecture regarding First Aid and CPR last July 12, 2019 inside the said school.

It was a 2 hour activity which highlighted lifesaving skills like CPR , wound care and other common emergencies being encountered in our daily lives. The instructors were Paul Rivera and Vlad Cruz from the Energy Development Corporation's Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Unit, and Jaydhie Arevalo, a Morong-based teacher who volunteered to share her Life-Saving Expertise. Incidentally, Arevalo is also one of the regular Subject Matter Experts from the ABS-CBN program KUHA MO of "Ka Tunying" Anthony Taverna. 

After the First Aid / CPR lecture, Paul Rivera distributed the donated First Aid Cabinet with supplies to the faculties of Yapak Elementary School and Yapak Women's Club on behalf of the Lopez Group Foundation Inc.