E-Waste and Recyclables Collection

Everyday collections from April 1 to April 30
Drop your recyclables in your property Management Offices
Or call for assistance for large items.

We accept E-Waste (TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Washer/ Dryer, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Mobile Phone, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Hair Dryer, Printer, Scanner, Iron, Radio, CD Player, Cables), Furniture, Paper (White, Shredded, Newspapers), PET Bottles, Ink Cartridges, Cans, Scrap Metals and a lot more.

We do not accept bulbs, glass, cans with paint or motor oil and glossy magazines.

For the benefit of: Nicanor Garcia Elementary School, Makati City
In partnership with ENVIROCYLCE, a full service E-waste recycling company accredited by DENR.