More than 400 Lopez Group employees, composed of family members, and friends, attended the recently concluded "HR Council-Lopez Lifelong

Wellness Walk The Talk", which was held last January 27, 2018 at the La Mesa Nature Reserve, located in Quezon City.

Sponsored by ABS-CBN and SKY, the event went underway with Jean Panopio from SKY delivering the invocation portion, with SKY’s

Dimpy Jazmines, performing the emceeing chores.

ABS-CBN’s Carms Dumdumaya and TJ Isla led the recitation of the Lopez Credo & Values, and delivered the Welcome Remarks, respectively.

Starting this year, each Walk the Talk (WTT) will also be highlighting a Lopez Value.  The Lopez Value that was featured during this first Walk the Talk

of the year was Business Excellence – and this was felt by all the participants as Joe Pascual of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. briefly

shared to everyone the successful initiatives undertaken by the La Mesa Nature Reserve, which earned it an Operations Management Award during last

year’s 2017 Lopez Achievement Awards.

Following an Inspirational Talk courtesy of Paul Abastillas of ABS-CBN, the traditional Stretching and Exercise portion went underway as Aira Demdam

from Gold’s Gym spearheaded the entire crowd in warming up.

Taking advantage that La Mesa Nature Reserve has great biking trails, this specific Walk The Talk event also added a bike option aside from the usual walk routine. 

 Lopez bikers were invited to bike, and two trails were created to cater to these two groups of participants – a 3km one for the walkers and a longer 10km trail for the bikers.

A safety briefing ensued courtesy of Mr. August Villalon from EDC’s Preparedness & Disaster Response Unit and Mr. Alfred Go from SKY’s Emergency

Response Team before the walk and bike event proper began.  Looking after the participants as some light rains fell during the WTT, these safety officers from

both companies gave additional reminders, and made adjustments to the course and activities.

During the WTT, Monica Tan of LGFI also addressed the participants to launch a Book Drive for Marawi City, which is a project by LGFI and Ortigas Library. 

 In this program which will run for two months, Lopez employees are invited to donate books to will help benefit the young children and community of Marawi. 

More details about this project will be announced to Lopez employees soon by the HR Council.

As a continuous improvement of this wellness undertaking, BMI monitoring of several participants still went underway during the event.

See you at the next Walk The Talk this February …….be well and stay well!