The Lopez Palaro is a much-anticipated wellness activity, done every four years that unites the employees of the Lopez companies. Seven teams were formed based on the Lopez Values, namely: Pioneering Entrepreneurial Spirit-Green (FPIP & First Balfour), Business Excellence-Blue (Skycable & Adtel), Unity-Gray (Rockwell & Asian Eye), Nationalism-Red (FPH & First Gen.), Integrity-Yellow (ABS-CBN & Knowledge Channel), Employee Welfare & Wellness-Violet (EDC & Thermaprime), and Social Justice-Pink. The theme for this year's Palaro was "Winning Through our Values".  The Social Justice team, composed of players from First Philec, Lopez Inc., Lopez Holdings, Lopez Foundation, FPRC, FPIC, INAEC, Third Gen, IBS, STSI and other subsidiaries, lorded it over the rest of the field in the recently-concluded Lopez Palaro 2015, which was held last October 17 at the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Santo Tomas, Batangas.