The whole brain approach pays tribute to the diversity of customers in any given industry. Everyone is a sales person. A sales pitch can make or break a deal. Hence, the need to customize a sales message for a particular personality, recognizing that each person has their own preference when being served. The sales force must know how to treat each customer accordingly.

The course will also include an exploration of Dr. Morato’s Customer Zoo, which portrays different types of customers an enterprise may encounter.


  • Introduction to the Seven Self Mastery Skills
  • Whole Brain Approach as Applied to Customer Service and the Customer Zoo
  • Customer Profiling
  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Understanding How Customers Think: Differentiating the Product from the Brand
  • Learning to Feel: Managing Emotions
  • Learning to Do: Meeting Your Customers’ Needs and Expectations
  • Learning to Communicate: Developing Rapport with Your Customers
  • Other Customer Service Techniques