KIDS can also pass the joy of Christmas to other kids.

This is the lesson that YeY, the country’s first local all-day kids’ channel, wants to impart to children as it launches its Christmas campaign with a cheerful song called “Pasko ang Saya!”

“Pasko ang Saya,” a play on its message “Ipa-pass ko ang saya!,”highlights the importance of passing the joy of Christmas through love and kindness to others.

It’s a lesson expressed in the lyrics: “Ito ang paborito ko, ang panahon ng Pasko/Dahil lahat tayo magsasalu-salo/Kapagika’y tumatawa, ako ay nahahawa/ Hindi ba ma’t mas nakakatuwa kung lahat tayo ay masaya?”

In the campaign’s music video, the Team YeY kids set an example by sharing and playing with other children from different places.

They visited the Philippine Children’s Medical Center to give kids who are sick the chance to experience an early Christmas.

In Cubao Elementary School, the kids shared their talent with the students to inspire them and emphasize the importance of school, while at our lady of Annunciation Parish they were able to share their time with the children in the Kids Ministry.

So that kids can pass the joy to other kids, the lyric video and the official music video are available on YeY’s Facebook and YouTube pages for them to enjoy and sing along to.