LOOK ALL MADE BY HAND. Cirila Miranda is our artisan in far distant barangay in Calaya, Guimaras Island. Her story is inspiring. She and her group did all these face masks by hand stitching only . No sewing machine, no electricity.

Many thanks to Cedie Vargas and Angela Lopez of the Lopez Group Foundation for helping her and her group. The Lopez Group helps Cirila’s daughter’s school tuition, too. She is just one of the hundreds of artisans working in vulnerable communities being assisted by the foundation. This is when ABS-CBN becomes relevant to society.

Thank you too Gov. Gumarin of Guimaras for buying her facemasks, through the effort of Agustin L. Zaragoza of the Lopez Group.

Thank you Angelina Bakeshop for the katsa, Ted W. Jr Valderrama and Tina Marie Sison of Shanghai Iloilo. Thanks too to Ruben Magan Gamala, Mie Liao, and  Jordan Mayor Corpus for all these initiatives.

Cirila has done our Guimaras woven pandan products with Iloilo hablon woven textiles which are sold in Arte Fino and fairs in Rockwell. The crafts sustain their community with work. They used to do low end crab bags made of pandan leaves only.