One of the key and common advocacy themes of Foundations and CSR programs of Lopez companies is to facilitate inclusive economic opportunities for partner communities and vulnerable sectors. This is done through establishment and support for community-based social enterprises, livelihood and employment programs. Components include capacity-building, and provision for infrastructure, equipment, materials and capital.

A pillar to all initiatives is ensuring the primary role partner communities play in the entire process. Member organizations of the cluster are ABS-CBN Foundation, Energy Development Corporation, First Gen Corporation and Sikat Solar Foundation. Across all these member organizations, over 80 communities are supported in 26 provinces. The cluster builds on the competencies, experiences and the commitment to mission of the member organizations as well as the partnerships established by all.

Projects of the cluster have included integrated online catalogues and marketing opportunities for community products and services. Knowledge and resource sharing have also been more deliberate among the organizations fostering synergy to facilitate more effective projects and ultimately, to serve our primary stakeholders with greater and deeper impact.

2022 will usher new products co-developed among partners made by and to benefit partner communities integrating the shared belief in environmental conservation and community empowerment.

Our mission and aspiration is to journey with communities as they find the power within to transform lives and the future through social entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihood and employment.