As we celebrate World Sight Day and this year's theme of Hope in Sight, we are talking about cataract and how modern eye care can detect and treat cataract to restore the vision of our loved ones.

Cataract is the clouding of the lenses of your eyes that makes it seem as if you're looking through a dirty or foggy window. It develops slowly, so there are no symptoms during its early stages. As it progresses, here are some symptoms to watch out for and factors that put you at higher risk of developing cataract.

If someone you love is age 60 or above and they're still afraid to get their eyes checked at a clinic during this time, teleconsultation is a great option that will allow patients to do a video consultation with an Asian Eye doctor.

As an additional service, patients can also get e-prescriptions for medication they need and purchase directly through the nurse coordinator that is assigned to their call.

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Dr. Cheryl Arcinue is a retina and vitreous specialist, uveitis specialist and cataract and comprehensive ophthalmologist. In this interview, she discusses how surgery is done, the common misconceptions about cataract surgery and the different lens options available to patients.

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