THIS Christmas, ABS-CBN has one message to all Filipinos around the world: Family is Forever.

To Filipinos, family is the truest and most lasting treasure. When you ask a Filipino about love, happiness, career, work, struggles, ambition, the answer will always be linked to family. Perhaps the hidden message in our Christmas theme is Family is Everything.

ABS-CBN has been welcomed in every Filipino home for the past 65 years. Like a true Kapamilya, we join them in their joys and pain, their prayers and their dreams. With ABS-CBN as conduit, Filipinos have always come together to help one another through many challenges.

Typhoons, floods, earthquakes and armed conflicts only brought out the best in us. The Filipino’s generosity, kindness and heroism passed all these tests.

Nobody knows what the new year will bring but we face it with much confidence. We know that the bonds of our family only get stronger and more meaningful with every passing year. It is that bond and the love we have for each other and for our fellow Filipinos that makes us think of better and newer ways to serve one another. And no matter where the future takes us, ABS-CBN will continue to remain faithful to its mission of being in the service of the Filipino.


Maligayang Pasko, Kapamilya!