A huge throng of around 800 employees of the Lopez Group, including their family members and friends, attended the recently-concluded "Lopez HR Council-Lopez Lifelong Wellness Walk The Talk” last November 17, 2017 at the Rockwell Center in Makati City.

Registration started at around 6:00 AM, as the number of participants continued to trickle in, and they were each provided with bananas, mineral water, taho, and disposable rain jackets.

Sponsored by Rockwell Land Corporation, Asian Eye Institute (AEI), Terraprime, and Thermaprime, the program proper began with Rockwell’s Joel Nobleza and Thamar Olaivar performing the emceeing chores, and the Invocation courtesy of Rockwell EVP & CFO, Ms. Ellen Almodiel.

After the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, AEI QESH Officer Ms. Noemi Mojares then led the Recitation of the Lopez Credo and Values, and was followed up by the Welcome Remarks from Rockwell EVP & CRO Ms. Val Soliven.

The November birthday celebrants were then invited to come on stage to be recognized.

Before trudging the pavements, the participants underwent a very lively adrenaline-pumping Stretching and Exercise portion courtesy of the Rockwell Club to prepare them for the long walk, as well as the Security Briefing courtesy of Ms. Mojares anew.

During the walk proper, the participants were treated to a grand view of the surrounding areas inside the Rockwell compound in time for the holidays.

Be well and stay well!