A huge throng of almost 500 employees of the Lopez Group, including their family members and friends, attended the recently-concluded "Lopez HR Council-Lopez Lifelong Wellness Walk The Talk” (WTT) last January 26, 2019 at the La Mesa Nature Reserve in Quezon City.

Registration started at around 6:00 AM, as the number of participants continued to trickle in, and they were each provided with bananas and taho.

Sponsored by ABS-CBN, SKY, and Knowledge Channel (KCh), the event went underway with KCh’s Nina de Sagun delivering the Invocation portion, and SKY’s Gerry Tabios leading the recitation of the Lopez Credo & Values, with SKY’s Dimpy Jazmines, performing the emceeing chores.

KCh President & Executive Director Rina Lopez-Bautista then took the stand to provide the Welcome Remarks.  Rina’s talk – which was focused on keeping one’s self healthy – was aligned to the Lopez Value of Employee Welfare and Wellness, the featured value for this Walk the Talk event.

Before trekking the six-kilometer forested trail, the participants underwent a very lively adrenaline-pumping Stretching and Exercise portion courtesy of Gold’s Gym to prepare them for the long walk, and this was followed up by a Safety Briefing courtesy of EDC’s August Villalon.

Just like last year, aside from the usual walk routine, this specific event once again introduced a biking feature, wherein bikers were invited to the said event. Due to this, two trails were then created to cater to these two groups of participants, 6km for the walkers and more than 10km for the bikers.

As a continuous improvement of this wellness undertaking, host company-related giveaways were raffled out which added more smiles to the crowd.

See you at the next Walk The Talk this February …….be well and stay well!