The concept of ‘starting young’ has always been a tried-and-tested formula for many things, especially when integrating good habits that are meant to be carried forward throughout life.  With this in mind, First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) has created a wide array of projects and programs for the benefit  of the young residents of its host barangays, FPIP’s partners in progress.

Consistent with its parent company’s vision of uplifting lives, FPIP’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform is meant to ensure improved and dignified living conditions of the residents of the communities it serves.  FPIP, the largest employment hub in the thriving townships of Tanauan and Sto Tomas, provides vast employment and livelihood opportunities, and goes further by recognizing the importance of the need to instill self-reliance and discipline among the residents to maximize each individual’s chances of success. This also ensures sustainable business for FPIP as well as unhampered productivity of its locators.

With this in mind, FPIP has put together a variety of effective programs targeting younger generations to ingrain, shape and hone the needed skill sets and values to achieve the desired collective outcome.  Among these are:

Palarong Pinoy re-introduces traditional Filipino Sports to integrate traditional Filipino Values in a fun and engaging manner.  In this modern age of computers and gadgets, younger generations have shown little interest in fostering cooperation, coordination and communication with peers despite many opportunities to do so. FPIP brings back “patintero”, “kadang-kadang”, “sundot-hipon”, “sipa”, “luksong-tinik” and other “Larong Pinoy” to elementary pupils from its host public elementary schools to allow children to learn these soft skills.  The Palarong Pinoy is a flagship event which enables participants to enjoy games as an alternative wellness activity without having to spend money.

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Spelling & Math Challenge is a complementary initiative aimed at improving the quality of education for Grade 2 and 3 students.  This program is designed primarily for students with a  78% and below average grade in English and Math.  Teachers are encouraged to spend more time with these students through engaging review sessions with the end in sight of increasing overall knowledge.  A contest is then held where everyone is declared a winner, allowing these students to experience the fulfilment of being lauded and identified as top performers in their class, which has always been a great motivator.

Orkestra ng Kabataang Batangan, in partnership with Ang Misyon, gives training to less-privileged youth to enhance artistic skills and uplift their lives via classical music. Providing access to musical instruments and music lessons otherwise not within reach of these students, participation in the orchestra allows children to discover and hone their musical talent to the fullest extent.  Regular training sessions are held at the Oasis covered courts of FPIP every Saturday.

Values Orientation and Leadership Training (VOLT) is a 2-day, 2 night activity that aims to improve moral standards and ethics of the younger generation. A number of sessions are available with various  areas of focus: self-awareness, decision- making, social ethics and etiquette,  to name a few. Participants of this program eventually become volunteers in various community projects of FPIP and its locators.

Project SAVE (Students Assistance via employee Volunteerism) exemplifies and encourages employee volunteerism where the generosity of FPIP and locator employees are seen in full force.  This enables employees to ‘adopt’ students from marginalized families by paying their school legal fees as prescribed by public high schools in order to pursue their education. Employees also continue to share their resources by purchasing school supplies needed during the school year and as well as presents for the students during Christmas.

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SEEDS (Scholastic Excellence through Empowerment and Developmental Support) is a collegiate scholarship program aimed at providing financial assistance to less-fortunate but deserving students who dream of finishing courses that make them ultimately employable in FPIP. There are currently 31 scholars, including a number of top performers in classes in their chosen field. These students are all enrolled in nearby accredited and recognized state colleges and universities.

All these initiatives are well-planned sustainable programs, and are conceptualized, implemented and monitored by the most passionate stakeholders driven to ensure each program’s success and maximize the positive, long-term impact on its beneficiaries.